McKenna Saddlery can work with you for any of your saddle or leatherworks needs. This includes saddle fitting, complete re-flock or flocking touchups, adjustments, leather accessories, patching, footwear, and more. 
Considering a trial saddle?
If you have a trial saddle and want to ensure the right fit for you and your horse(s), John McKenna, Certified Saddle Fitter, will come to your barn and check out the saddle and fit. He will look at every aspect of the saddle, and how it impacts rider and horse during this visit. If you decide to have your saddle reflocked after a fitting, the fitting fee will be deducted from the standard reflocking fee. 
Fitting Session - $75 
We come to you within 50 miles of Santa Fe, NM
Reflocking - $200
$75 fitting fee will be deducted from this if you decide to reflock after fitting session





We offer quality, custom English and Western saddles and make sure every saddle is the best fit for horse and rider with our saddle fitting consulting services. John McKenna of McKenna Saddlery is a Certified Saddle Fitter. Your horse will love what we do to make your ride more comfortable.

Besides being protective, our half-chaps provide a welcome, stylish alternative when full chaps are not needed or desired. We tailor and customize them to your liking. 


We provide leather services and repair for any need, including Western and English saddle repairs. From accessories for your saddle and horse to custom-made leather belts, we do it all. Let us know what you're looking for, and we'll see how we can help!

We'd love to help you with your saddle or leatherworks needs.
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My saddle feels amazing!! Thank you! Mesa seemed really happy too. She was stretching down a lot more than usual so I think she’s more comfortable with it now.

Cecilia K.

Riding in Pecos, New Mexico

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